Improve Your Email Writing Skills

This course will teach you how to write clearer emails to receive better responses.

Well-written emails save time. They allow the recipient to clearly understand the task at hand and respond appropriately. Effective emails reduce confusion and increase productivity. And they’re much faster to write.  

This course will teach you how to harness the power of a truly effective email. Learn an easy-to-follow process to consistently write emails that elicit action. Discover how word choice and formatting will increase response rates. Then, put these skills into practice with detailed instructor feedback and guidance on your email writing.

You will be supported by valuable tools that you can continue to use after the course to strengthen your email communication.

Emails are a core business communication tool

The speed and volume of email have dramatically changed the business communication. The not-so-old standards for professional correspondence have changed and will continue to do so. Employees need to know the best strategies to communicate effectively

An effective business email is easily understood.

But it is not so easily written.

We have all received poorly written emails. These emails are unclear, indirect, and often get ignored. They can cause confusion. They can also be detrimental to the business if projects are impeded or if clients misinterpret information.

Fortunately, this communication skill can be transformed with the right training and tools. We have tested processes and resource materials that professionals were able to apply directly to their daily writing. These clearer emails improve business communication and productivity.