Personality Development Course

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Course Description

Each individual has a distinct persona that can be developed, polished, and refined. This process includes boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language speaking abilities, widening one’s scope of knowledge, developing certain hobbies or skills, learning fine etiquettes and manners, adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks, and overall imbibing oneself with positivity, liveliness, and peace.

Pre-Course Requirements

  • Concentration 
  • Positive Attitude
  • Self Learning Skill
  • Willing to learn Attitude

Course Objective:-

  • Characteristics Of A Healthy Personality
  • Easy Ways To Change Your Image
  • How To Avoid Bullying
  • How To Make Powerful First Impression
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • How To Overcome Shyness
  • How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood
  • How To Be A Natural Leader
  • How To Motivate Yourself
  • Tips On Organizing Time
  • Utilizing Constructive Criticism
  • The Art Of Public Speaking
  • How To Reinvent Yourself
  • How To Increase Word Power
  • How To Give A Great Speech
  • How To Improve Your Posture
  • How To Take A Compliment
  • How To Improve Listening Skills
  • How To Improve Your Social Skills
  • How To Make A Great First Impression
  • How To Improve Non-Verbal Gestures
  • What Your Handshake Says About You
  • How To Use Eye Contact For Conversation Success
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • How To Cheer Yourself Up
  • Personal Goals In Life
  • Self Esteem Building Activities
  • How To Control Anger Outbursts
  • Mastering The Art Of Conversation
  • How To Forgive Your Own Mistakes
  • Active Listening Activities
  • How To Be Respectful Towards Others
  • How To Lead A Discussion
  • How To Achieve Success
  • How To Fix Low Self Esteem
  • How To Have A Great Conversation
  • How To Win An Argument

Course Content Covered

Benefits of the PD Course

  • Increased ability to overcome anxiety and nervousness when preparing for public speaking
  • Ability to control and use your voice in a more effective manner through voice modulation.
  • Confidence in public speaking.
  • Ability to make quality speeches/presentations.
  • Improved English grammar, tenses and vocabulary, and fluency in speaking.
  • Knowing new techniques to enhance your public speaking style.
  • Improved dressing sense.
  • This public speaking course trains you on convincing people to your point of view.
  • Making your meaning clear to the audience by keeping them focused on you and your message would be easier after this public speaking course.
  • Speak naturally, smoothly, and fluently while all are watching you.
  • Making and maintaining eye contact with the audience.


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